Giving advice to someone? Well, it can be hard at times. There are quite a few people in this world that are just unwilling to accept anyone’s advice accept for the advice they’ve lived by their whole life. These people are usually the people that need the advice the most.

I know one of these people. She’s brilliant, gorgeous, funny. She gets everything she wants, the perfect home, the perfect accessories, and every guy wants her. When I think of this however, I think of these as her biggest flaws.

My advice to her:

Try to live the life of someone normal for a change. You don’t always have to be this glamorous, snobby person. You’re going to get in to the real world and realize that not everything is going to be handed to you. That you have to work for your money, you have to work for you Urban Outfitters clothing and your Volvo. One day you’re going to look back and regret all the nights you spent with men you don’t care about, I know that for a fact.

Just take a break. Be yourself, because I know this isn’t who you are.


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