Forgive (via Deborah Ailman)

Ah, this is incredibly true. I’ve been my own worst enemy lately, holding grudges against people I once loved, and the people they now love. I’ve never even met some of the people I hold grudges against.

I need to take this advice.

Forgive Forgive- you'll feel a lot better for it. Holding on to grudges and hate only makes you sad.. and sick. Rage can give you a heck of a headache, and stomach problems, and anxiety problems- and who needs it? And you're only hurting yourself. You're mad, you're angry, you're runny around saying (or muttering under your breath) that *****! I hope she/he drops dead! What nerve! And then you stand there, stomach in knots, wringing your hands, while the … Read More

via Deborah Ailman


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