Aimless Ramblings.

I don’t really understand why I’m so tired. I get an adequate amount of sleep most nights, I don’t do too many strenuous activities. This morning I even got up at a semi-normal hour.

The day started off just like any other. Got up, trolled on the internet, took a shower, blah blah blah. It was such a nice morning that I talked myself into going for a bike ride. Unfortunately the minute I looked at the bike I had no desire to do so anymore. That bike ride turned into a drive over to my grandmothers house.

Visits with my Gram are always interesting. She always has some hilarious story to tell (she doesn’t usually find them hillarious, but I do). I sat on the floor in the back room with my dog  and answered her questions about my upcoming trip to Rhode Island, my new apartment, school, etc. Today was a little different than usual because she was watching a movie. Not just any movie…No Strings Attached. Not usually a movie I’d recommend to my Catholic, almost-90-year-old grandma. When I asked her why she chose this from Netflix, she just told me she liked Ashton Kutcher.

Then the first sex scene started. I knew it was going to be semi-awkward since I had already seen the movie. The only thing she had to say during it was that she “watched three whole hours of Little House on the Prairie last night.” Moving along…

I kidnapped my dog from her (she lives over there now), took her for a drive, gave her a nice bath. I noticed how old she’s getting. I got McKenzie in 6th grade. She’s always been the perfect dog. As a kid she would follow me around town, wait outside the grocery store for me. Actually she’d wait for me just about anywhere I went. She was never big on cuddling, but always made sure to let you scratch her belly and give you tons of kisses. Today she just seemed very mellow. I got my kisses, I did the belly scratching, but you can tell she’s not as active as she once was. If she tried to follow me around town she’d probably give up and take a nap somewhere.

I took some cute photos of her, took her back to Gram’s, and now here I am. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and all I want to do is sleep. I have to work in two hours, so maybe I’ll just take a little cat-nap.


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