My imagination is running wild today.

Vision #1:

I live in a small, adorable house in the Berkshires. I spend my mornings on my porch drinking my coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs with my loyal canine sidekick at my side. Daily, I take a morning walk through the small town that I live in…maybe a town like Adams, MA. I spend my free time working on my novel, singing obnoxiously, and dancing around in over-sized flannel shirts.

Vision #2:

I flip houses and apartments all over the East Coast. I never see a house in a negative way, whenever I pass something that is falling down or just looks pretty terrible, I see the potential in it. This evening we passed a house in Rhode Island that was clearly unlivable and empty, but had the ability to become something amazing. It had a tower that was four stories high, most likely had at least five-seven bedrooms, and sat on beautiful land perfect for raising horses on. Someone buy it for me, please?

Vision #3:

Totally glamorous life. Pretty dresses, fancy cars, Manhattan apartment. Nuff’ said.


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