Communications Graphics

I have NEVER been as excited for a class as I am for this class. When I read through the syllabus this morning, I could not help but start planning out all of the projects I’m going to h. ave to do for it. They’re all graphic design/photography projects. We have to choose a company name and act as if all of our projects this semester are for our actual clients. My professor is awesome, he’s hilarious and knows what he’s doing. He sounds like he’ll be very helpful if we ever need it.

This class is definitely a great way to start my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Unfortunately, the rest of my Monday every week isn’t going to be quite as fun. I have Spanish..I’ve never been to good at learning foreign languages. I have Writing for Print Media, which will be fun but it’s a two hour class. After class I go straight to work until 9:00.

Cheers to the first day of the semester being busy!


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