Library Look-Out

I’ve decided that between classes on Tuesday, I’m going to spend some time in the library instead of walking all the way back to my place. Since I don’t really have any work to do yet, I’m sitting here people watching. Creepy, right? Try it, you’ll be entertained for hours.

For example, two super grunge/alternative boys have been walking in between bookshelves and tables hunting down a friend of theirs. After figuring out where he was, they devised a plan to scare him. A few minutes later they had disappeared, but off im the corner behind me I heard a lion-like roar follwed by a girlish shriek. I guess their plan worked.

In front of me sits your average college student. She has papers all over her table, a higlighter in her right hand, her head beimg hed up by the other. Every once and a while she dozes off, but is woken up by her buzzing phone that sits in front of her.

All around me are students studying, drinking their Java City coffee, trying to make the best of their afternoon in the library.

I wonder how many people are making these observations of me as I sit here. I suppose they’d say something among the lines of: there is a girl sitting in the corner with her coffee and fedora tapping away viciously on her Nook…I bet she’s writing something good. 😉


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