Another Lazy Afternoon in the Library

Here I am, once again, silently observing my surroundings. Today however, I am in the corner where the boy was scared by
his friends. I guess I’m seeing the library from his point of view today…

Except not really, because his point of view is the back of his eyelids.

Was the picture too creepy? Sorry. I’ll cut it out with the stalker-vision.

I think I like it better over on this side of the library. There is a blank brick wall in front of me. Something about exposed brick always comforts me. On my left is a large window, the top of it stained beautiful stained glass. Surprisingly, this corner of the library offers incredibly comfortable chairs with foot-stools. Are they trying to get me to fall asleep too? Behind me is a mural of the exact spot I’m sitting in, except with flying books. A little odd.

The rain is making me more sleepy than I should be at this hour. I had three cups of coffee today, so I should be running in circles looking for things to do. Instead, I’m lounging in this too-comfortable chair and listening to the raindrops hit the stained glass. Slowly falling asleep.


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