The List of Things I Have to Do Today, and Why I Hate Them

1. Laundry :

Who likes doing laundry, seriously? It’s the worst. First, I have to pick out the clothes out of my basket that I think are worthy of spending $4 on…which aren’t too many. Then, I have to sit there and wait for it to be done, just to go back in my apartment and have to FOLD them. Fun? NO.

2. Cleaning

There is a full sink of dishes, my bathroom sink doesn’t look like it has a counter, and the remainder of clothes after I weed out the wash-worthy will be on the middle of my floor. It’s going to be a long process. On Sundays I just want to chill and not do anything.

3. Homework

IT NEVER ENDS. I feel like I get something accomplished, then I look in my planner and realize I have a million more things to do. Today I have to do loads of Spanish, and I need to get going on writing letters for internships, interviews, etc. Did I mention I have to do this all before 4:00?

4. Babysitting

I have to get everything finished by four because I have to babysit for the first time in like five years. Okay, not really, I have two neices and two nephews who I babysit, but that’s not really work. Also I babysat last May for about three hours while they were asleep. Does that count? Well tonight I’m babysitting two kids I’ve never met in my life, at a house I’ve never been to. My only warnings have been that the father has a pet alligator in the house and the youngest child may or may not lock me in her room to make me play games with her. Hm.

I should probably stop blogging and go get these things accomplished. G’bye!



One thought on “The List of Things I Have to Do Today, and Why I Hate Them

  1. beardmusictchr says:

    Who likes laundry – Dave? Why you ask? Because if he spends enough time doing it he doesn’t have time to unpack the boxes in the Rec Room. Wonder how many years it will take him? My guess is maybe they will be unpacked when Maura is a junior in college.

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