The lack of work-ethic in my generation amazes me. Day after day I come home from work wondering how it is humanly possible to use the time you spend at your job doing absolutely NOTHING.

I busted my butt tonight trying to do three other student’s jobs because they were too busy talking, texting, or not having a clue what was going on.

One of the new kids says to me tonight: “Wow, I didn’t know this job was going to be so hard!”

I stared at him.

He served the pizza tonight. All he had to do was listen to people and hand them one of the four pizza choices we have.

I stood in front of a 500 degree oven for five hours spinning and baking pizzas. I stocked everything. I swept. I cleaned. I served when the kid was too busy texting. Within our little 30 x 10 space I probably walked at least five miles tonight. And he thinks this job is hard?

The other girl stood at the cash register all night. People seem to think that when they get put in charge of the cash register that they don’t have to do anything else. That they can just stand there and smile and be cute all night. NO. DO SOMETHING.

Moral of the story: Don’t become one of these people.

Hard-workers = Happy managers = Recommendations when you graduate.
I’m about 99% positive that any one of my managers would tell a future employer that I’m a great employee.


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