Things I Wish I Owned:

1. MacBook Pro

I was going to buy a Macbook before freshman year, but for some reason talked myself out of it. Now, as I start getting more involved with graphics projects and photography, I realize that there are so many reasons why I should have gotten one. And I can’t be a total hipster without one, right?

Just kidding.

2. iPhone

Yes, I know I’m going a little Apple crazy, but I want one, and I’m totally stoked for the iPhone 5 to come out.

3. Mini Cooper

My dream car. It has been my dream car since I was about 10. I don’t know how anyone can NOT love this car.

4. More Sweaters

It’s cold out. All of mine are in the laundry.

5. An African-Grey

Worlds smartest bird. Also way too expensive to take care of. Maybe I’ll be able to afford one when I’m like 50.


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