Preparing For the Long Drive Home

It’s that time again, the dreaded first trip back to my hometown for a weekend after being at school. Not dreaded because I don’t want to go home, but because the first drive back always seems to take a ridiculously long time.

There’s nothing to look at on the way there. The entire drive is just fields and trees. The most excitement is when we pass Penn State halfway home. We’re also leaving pretty late today, so most of the drive will end up being in the dark.

Another terrible part of the drive home is the preparation for the drive home. Cleaning the apartment, packing, trying to fit everyone’s things in my trunk. There will be five of us in the car today…I’m glad I’m the one driving and not the one cramming in the back seat.

Also, my air conditioning doesn’t work. It’s been 30 degrees for the past two weeks, but of course the day I have to be in an un-airconditioned car for five or more hours it gets hot out again.



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