I feel as if everyone failed at being original for Halloween this year. Yes, I realize the real holiday is not until Monday, but this is college, so clearly everyone needs to celebrate on the weekend.

I’ve seen more costumes than I can keep count of, but they all seem pretty cliche.

I’ve seen devils, angels, bumblebees, fairies, princesses, cats — all provocative of course. No one cares that we had the first snowfall of the year when it’s Halloween, it’s their only excuse to look “sexy” all year.

However, the few original costumes I did see were great:


Yes, I did see a girl, dressed as a bicycle. Crazy, right? She had a seat on her head, lines painted on her arms and face in the shape of the bike, and she carried around two wheels with her all night. Totally creative, probably wins the prize in my book for the year.

Old men:

Two boys I saw last night were dressed as old men. It doesn’t sound all too interesting, but they put a lot of effort in to their costumes, and they even played the part too. They greeted me with raspy hellos and shook my hand like kind, old gentlemen.

Claw Machine:

One guy I saw last night made a claw machine out of a giant cardboard box. It was decorated well, and he worked it. All were welcome to pay a quarter to pick a stuffed animal out of him.

Overall, probably because of the weather, I think this Halloween weekend was a total bust. No one really feels like doing
anything when it’s 20 degrees and there’s  inches of snow on the ground.

Oh, by the way, I was Super Mario. I’d like to say that my costume was pretty original, but I saw a few of the same while parading around town. I think I make a pretty attractive looking plumber, though.



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