Using Pinterest the Right Way

Pinterest:  addicting, fun, perfect for wasting time on, finding new clothes on, and wishing you had more money on.

Quite a few people are using it wrong, though.

With tumblr came the oh-so-addicting “reblog” button, which allows users to do just that — reblog anything that any of the tumblrs they follow post. In my opinion, users of Pinterest are confusing Pinterest’s “Repin” button for a “reblog.”

I know what you’re thinking, “it’s the exact same thing!”
But it isn’t. On tumblr, you’re looking at exactly what you’re reposting. If you’re reblogging a picture, you’re reblogging a picture. If you’re reblogging someone’s latest poetry, you’re reblogging that. If you’re repinning something just because you like the photo, you’re doing it wrong.

Pinterest is set up so that every photo on the page links back to the original link that the photo came from. If you constantly repin items just because they look cute without looking at the link, then you really have no idea what exactly you are repinning.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Pin your own stuff. When you go to a website and see something you like, Pin It, but make sure in the caption you tell your followers what exactly it is that you’re adding to your board.
  2. Click through the photos to see where they lead before repinning. That cute puppy you just repinned might actually take all of your followers to some ridiculous weight-loss pill page.
  3. Keep having fun 🙂



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