A Move. A Change.

Sunday morning I will be moving in to a new place. It’s a tiny little garage-turned-apartment, probably about 300 square-feet max. It’s going to be a big change from what I’m used to. Why?

The apartment I’m living in now is really nice. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, newly renovated. I have a full bed and a bedroom big enough to throw dance parties in. Not that I do. I have windows. I have a kitchen.

On the contrary, the apartment I’ll be moving in to is super tiny. The windows are about the same size as the computer screen I’m using right now, and they’re high up on the ceiling so you really can’t see anything out of them. My bedroom resembles a walk-in closet. My kitchen consists of a stove, a fridge, and about 2 feet of counter space.

Then, there’s the roomate situation. I’ve gone from living with my parents, to living with a roomate, to living with my parents, to living with a different roomate, to living with my parents again, to living with two roomates.

This will be the first time I’ll ever live on my own.

I’m excited though. Although my place will be small, I think it fits my personality perfectly. There’s retro paneling in the living room and kitchen. I’ll have the opportunity to decorate exactly how I want to. I can come home after work every day and do exactly what I want to do, not work around other people’s schedules.

I think living by myself will be good for me. I like to do my own thing.

I’m starting a full-time internship doing something I love on Monday, and then I only have one semester to finish before I graduate.

I’m ready for the next chapter of my life.


One thought on “A Move. A Change.

  1. FreeVeg says:

    Hey Ellen! I just read your post and I found it really exciting. I have actually lived by myself in a tiny apartment for four years, similar to what you described, and I absolutely love it. Living alone is definitely not for everyone, but it is a learning experience for sure. Decorating is probably the best part about having your own place. Well good luck with your new place and your internship! đŸ™‚

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