Binghamton’s Four Noble Truths, the way I lived them | Pipe Dream

Binghamton’s Four Noble Truths, the way I lived them | Pipe Dream.

Tuesday this article, a column, was posted in “The Pipe Dream,” Binghamton University’s student-run newspaper. I work for my school’s paper, and I would never dream of posting something so ridiculously ignorant or cruel in it.

Some of my favorite quotes:

I’ve been nearly mugged more times than I’d like to admit to my parents and I’ve acquired a few extra pounds that are entirely thanks to Mug Night at Tom and Marty’s and the wings at the Belmar.”

Sure, the nice areas are up in the hill where the normal people build fortresses to shield themselves in case the creatures north of Main Street ever decide to attack, but most of this city is little more than an endless horror movie. The hills have eyes.”

“Second, this town is a shithole. Literally. I would never send my kid to this school for fear of this place. The townsfolk scare me. I’ve had things shouted at me while walking around that can’t be put in print and I’ve seen some things on my walk Downtown that made me want to pour bleach in my eyes.”

Well, “townsfolk” of Binghamton, what do you have to say about this?

Here’s my one comment to you, Alyssa Mercante:  if you hate Binghamton SO much, why did you bother spending four MISERABLE years there?

If you don’t like the bars, why did you go to them?

If you had something to say, why would you do it on your school’s publication? Why would you ruin all credibility you have as a journalist?

Why did you even open your mouth?


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