It’s Officially Summer

And what marked this “official” date? My weekend, and the amount of epic-ness that it brought.

The weekend began just like any other. I left work a few minutes early to take some photos of a campus garden for an upcoming post. I came home and was greeted by a pile of boxes in my living room and on the kitchen counter – my roomate moved out Saturday afternoon. She cooked me and my friends a fabulous dinner before we went shopping.

And that’s the first mark of summer:  Shopping.

During the school year, I make zilch. I don’t have the luxury of shopping whenever I feel like it. But this weekend I got my first paycheck and my tax rebate. Purchases include:  A Nine West cross-body, two  cute shirts for work, fish and heart mold ice cube trays, margarita glasses, and a toilet brush. I know, you didn’t want to know about the toilet brush, but it’s from IKEA, so that makes it cool, right?

Second sign of summer:  Saturday night we took blankets and pillows and hung out on Megan’s deck all night. Normally, this would be strange, however, Megan’s deck overlooks an amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh, so it was awesome and relaxing.

Third sign of summer:  Cookouts. Grilling. Hot dogs. Almost getting my face burned off by playing with lighter fluid…

Enough said.



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