Book: Before I Go to Sleep

Have you ever been so enthralled in a book that you just can’t put it down? No matter how much your body and brain tell you that you have other things to do?

During lunch this afternoon I decided to check up on my good ole’ GoodReads account. That website is a blessing, let me tell you. I ended up reading the description of “Before I Go to Sleep” by S.J. Watson and added it to the top of my to-read list. Which led me to check the library hours here in town. Because the library closes early on Tuesdays, I had to sacrifice gym time. But a night off can’t hurt, right?

Checked out the book, along with another one, stopped at 9th St. Deli for a roast beef sandwich, and  came home and cracked it open.

Next I knew, it was 8:00 and I hadn’t even realized time had passed.

Psychological topics have always interested me. This is about a woman who, after she goes to sleep every night, wakes up having no recollection of where she is or what decade she is living in. She’s stuck in her 29 year old body, when in reality she is now 47. The book is her journal, which her doctor has told her to write in daily, that is supposedly supposed to help beat her amnesia.

I haven’t read been this in to a book in a very long time. I’ve got a little over 200 pages left, and I feel like it’s going to be a very late night because I’m going to want to know what the ending brings.

Apparently this is now a movie that I’ve never heard of starring Nicole Kidman. I guess I’ll have to rent it after I’m done reading.



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