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What Is Compelling Content?
The Question Most Marketers Can’t Answer.

Each year, I attend 40 to 50 presentations on various marketing and corporate communications topics. And in about two-thirds of them I hear speakers proclaiming the need for “compelling content” in blogs and on websites, social sites, and elsewhere.

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Usually, the audience members nod respectfully at this revelation, as if they’ve just received divine guidance. And usually, without further elaboration, the speaker simply moves on.

Depending on my mood, I’ll sometimes ask: “That’s all well and good, but exactly what do you mean by compelling content?”

Content That’s Really Good And Stuff

The answers can be fascinating. “Content that’s compelling,” a speaker once told me with lordly authority. “Content that’s really good,” said another, itching to get to the next bullet point. One answer I admired was:…

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