Change: Please Start Accepting It

Why can some not see how necessary change is? How good change can be?

Today, the school I attend announced on Facebook the plans for a new Humanities and Social Sciences building that is mind-blowing. This building not only is sleek, modern, and well, new, it is going to provide students new technologies that will help them get the most out of their time at the school.

People went crazy. And not a good crazy. So many people in the world do not like change. Are they afraid of it?

I can understand, slightly. As a soon-to-be alumna, I can understand some of the comments along the lines of: “I’m going to come back and not recognize anything.” But mostly I can’t understand them. Doesn’t that make it fun? Doesn’t that make it more interesting to come back and see the changes?

Some point out the historical value of the buildings. Yes, one building being torn down was resurrected in the late 1800s as a training building while the university was a teachers college. Thousands of people have walked those halls. It has a lot of history. But you know what it doesn’t have? Air conditioning. I know, that sounds ridiculous when I put it bluntly like that, but think of how we take a/c for granted. Without it, computer labs can not run – therefore that building doesn’t have any. Not to mention, I can count a few times that I’ve fallen asleep in a history class in that building just because I couldn’t handle hearing about World War II…err…the heat. What good is an academic building if the students can’t even keep their heads up in class?

When I come back to this school after ten years, I want to see change. I want to see progress. I want to see that the school has found a way to integrate the latest technology in all of the classrooms, and see that students are excited to be there and excited to learn. I want to see that it doesn’t look like we’re still in the 1800s, I want to see modernity.

I want to see change.

The new building, courtesy of IUP Magazine. Click to read the article.


To see the original post about this building on Facebook, click here:

Though I work for the university, I’m only stating my own opinion – remember that.



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