Tips for students:

It’s mid-term week here at IUP, and that means one thing for me: I have only a few weeks of school left before I graduate and am out in the real world. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’d like to share some tips with students so that they can make the most out of college.

  1. Go to class. When you start school as a freshman, you’re going to have a lot of freedom. More than you’ve ever had before. You might decide to use this freedom to slack off and skip class, but the consequences of doing so will bite you in the butt later. Trust me.
  2. Get involved. Not only are clubs and volunteering good for your resume, they’re a good way to make friends with the people at school that share the same interests and values as you.
  3. This is what you probably shouldn’t eat in college.

    Don’t eat the cafeteria food. Or, if you do, choose wisely. No one wants to gain the freshman 45, errr…15. Just because the junk food is easily accessible, doesn’t mean you should eat it every chance you get.

  4. Use the resources available to you. They’re there for a reason! Need some information? Check out the library. Having computer trouble? You’re already paying for the IT Center! Need to talk to someone? There’s a counseling center for that.
  5. Manage your time wisely. Some of us are workaholics, it’s just how we roll. Having a job in college can make life a lot easier, or may even be¬†necessary, but remember: school work comes first.

Most importantly, have fun. Yes, you have to go to class, you have to go to work, but make sure you spend sometime on you. Hang out with your friends, go to BINGO night just to say you did and attend school events. You’ll be glad you did.


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