Accessories that I need to acquire:

In my mind, I am the most fashionable person on the planet. I am a fashion rockstar. I have the best outfits on every day, and always accessorize them perfectly.

In reality, I wear cardigans a lot and put on sweats the minute I’m home from work.

Nevertheless, I would LIKE to become the fashionista my mind thinks I am at some point in my life. Maybe after I’ve lost 40 pounds. If I were good at this, these are some accessories I would want:

  1. Thigh-high socks. Refinery 29 posted Wednesday about them, and I think I may be in love. See the post here. My favorites are by Nordstrom and I think I want them in every color
  2.  141722719495690353_P1amv7mP_cThese pumps from LOFT are probably the greatest shoes I’ve ever seen. On that note, I’d like to become a shoe person. The thoughts of having a closet solely (hehe) for shoes is something that crosses my mind pretty often, but I can’t wrap my head around paying that much for shoes. Maybe someday when I have more than a minimum wage paycheck.
  3. Sparkly tights. OH MY GOSH. Have you seen such things? I stumbled across them on Pinterest one day and said, out loud, quite loudly “I NEED THOSE.” Of course, if I got sparkly tights I’d have to get a new cute black dress to go with them, but I see no problem there.
  4. If you know anything about me, you know I have a pretty big 141722719495687715_LrkTbhzJ_cobsession with glittery things. Now, I’m not one of those girls that walks around all glittery all the time, but I can’t deny a shiny purchase sometimes. That’s why when I saw a Nine West glitter clutch at the mall one day, I knew I had to own one. Unfortunately, the one I want is no longer sold, but this one is a close second.
  5. 141722719495639684_KUBwtY0J_cI’ve never been big on earrings, but lately they’re growing on me. Maybe it’s my new hair color. Anyway, these cute little birdy earrings from ModCloth are absolutely adorable, and would be a pair that I would actually wear. Speaking of earrings I actually wear, my aunt gave me a pair of dangly earrings for Christmas, and I love them so much that I wear them everywhere!

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