The Hair-Dye Diaries

The topic of hair-dye came up today, as well as the question: “do you have a diary or something of all the colors your hair has been?” Well I didn’t. But I do now.

Hair-dye became a comfort to me. Something that I ran to whenever I was angry with something in my life. Most commonly break-ups. And the occasional flunked exam.

Before we can go through the colors of the rainbow…errr…my hair (they’re one in the same, I think), let’s start from the beginning. And please, take note and laugh-out-loud at my selfie-taking styles as they change through the years.

hair12007 – My hair is natural. And has been for my entire life up to this point.

January 2008 –  My hairdresser has convinced me that the new haircut I have will hair2 not look like the picture I brought in unless I have highlights. Big. Chunky. Highlights. Now, you can’t really tell in this picture, but there are FOUR colors in my hair. Blonde, dark-ish red, dark brown and what’s left of my natural color. This is where it all began.

December 2008 – Though the dye is far apart, there is a different selection of colors.


March 2009 – Seriously, chunky highlights can go out ANY time now. And who thought it was a good idea for me to be a cheerleader?


June 2009 – Look, I’ve survived high school, and seem to have a normal color hair.


August 2009 – Happy birthday to me! I’m sure those highlights aren’t completely natural, but being at the beach in August sure did help.

hair 6

September 2009 – The first time I went blonde. (take note as the dates get much closer together now)


Two weeks later…September 2009 – Oops. Blonde sucked. What’s up, dark brown?


Skipping to March 2010, because there have literally been 5 different shades of dark brown since then.

March 2010 – Andddd cue blonde! Side note – 2010 was the year for Picnik. In which I made myself yellow most of the time.


April 2010 – Self-explanatory.


April 2010 – Kind of hard to tell, but this was a dark red.


May 2010 – I always liked this haircut. Back to brown with a tad of blonde highlights.

hair12June 2010 – Back to brown. Oh, this is my sister and brother, by the way.


July 2010 – When I stole this one off of Facebook, the caption was “hair dye addiction.” Who knew.


August 2010 – I took this one on my birthday, too. What a coincidence. I don’t even know what color you call this.


January 2011 – Well look. We’re dark brown again.


March 2011 – THE BIG KAHUNA. I’ve dyed my hair pink. Went home for a weekend and my mother just about had a heart attack.


April 2011 – And then I had to apply for a job and pink could be no more.


Now, imagine me rotating through all of the previous colors, minus pink up until the end of 2011  with this cute red color in the middle.



December 2011 – BAM. My brain said, “Hey Elle! Why don’t you bleach your hair!” Which ended up being the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. So bad, in fact, that my hair was old-lady dry and I had to cut it all off and start over. I look sickly in this photo.


March 2012 – So I had to wear flowery scarves to ensure that people knew I was not a dude.


Today – So now I am officially back to my natural hair color.


The end.


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