Guys! I won the Powerball! No, I didn’t.

Fun facts: I only work a few hours a day and officially become jobless on Wednesday, I can’t bring myself to spend what little money I have on cable or internet, it’s only light outside for about two hours by the time I get home from work and I, as mentioned previously, I get bored with hobbies entirely too fast.

As a result of ridiculous amounts of spare time, I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming.

I bet you’re thinking, “this girl is wack.”

What have I been daydreaming about? Winning the Powerball, of course. And what I’d do with the money.

It’s currently at $110 million dollars, so you better believe my imagination has run wild.

First things first – I’d give a ton to my family, because they’re pretty cool. Even though my parents, I’m pretty sure, have already gone on every cruise imaginable, I bet they could find some extravagant vacation to go on. And I’ll throw in another million to them so my mom can feed her shopping addiction. While we’re at it, let’s pay for college for my nieces and nephews. (I know you’re smirking while you’re reading this, Julie)

This is where things start to get crazy.

A month in the Bahamas would be a nice start. By myself. This way, I could write a book in peace and wake up to the Grand-Bahama-Island-Bahamasbeach every day. I’d hire a personal trainer while I was there so that by the end of my stay I could wear a bikini. Oh…maybe I’ll need two months there, then.

Then, I would come back to Indiana with a perfect tan, see my ghetto-ish one bedroom apartment and think “screw this.” In which I will immediately rent a Uhaul, hire a moving company, and peace the heck out.

I’ll buy property in the country and build a five bedroom farmhouse with a wrap-around porch. I’ll have a pool. I’ll have a dog. Life will be good.

I know you knew this next part was coming eventually….

BAlogaSCAAAIR3hI will buy an Audi. Not just any Audi. An RS7, which isn’t even available until the end of the summer. But people with money can do whatever they want, right? SO AUDI WILL GIVE IT TO ME.

Okay, okay, I’ll calm down now.

At this rate, I’ve only spent about $7 million, though. So maybe I’ll buy Audis for my friends, too.

And we can’t forget the walk-in closet of my dreams. Complete with a separate room for shoes. The closet will be filled with Ann Taylor, mostly. Because what else do I even wear?

And speaking of clothing, I’ll make a trip to all of the best stores in the 520306563169271313_uFrbY4Ad_ccountry with this shopaholic friend of mine.

I’d donate a lot of my winnings to the Indiana ASPCA and probably adopt more animals than I should, because every time I stop by there I leave in tears that I can’t save them all.

I’d buy The Starrucca House, which is another story in itself. I’d restore it (again) to it’s original splendor and hopefully bring some tourism to good ole’ Susquehanna, Pa. Which is where I grew up if you’re lost.

I should probably stop now.

The only problem with this extravagant day dream?

…I’ve never even purchased a Powerball ticket, and I’m not sure I ever will.


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