I just wanna drive you, to la-la-la-love.


It’s one of my favorite things, and has been since probably two days after I got my junior driver’s license.


Why not the first day I had it? Because I drove my friends and I to McDonald’s, where we all got milkshakes. On the way back I almost hit a deer, which ended with milkshake all over the car. I’m not too sure if I told my mother about that…so, sorry Mom, but you have to admit we did an awesome cleaning job, because you never noticed.

I always hated riding in cars. I get unbelievably car sick even on a trip to the grocery store. As I got older, I realized it wasn’t the car making me sick. It was not being in control of the situation. Being behind the wheel puts me almost in control of my fate.

But being behind the wheel doesn’t just feed my control-freak tendencies, it relaxes me. I love every chance I get to go for a long drive. I use driving as a means of letting out anger, sadness and stress. Especially now that I’ve sworn off hair-dye.

My life changed drastically yesterday, and although I’ve had weeks to prepare for it, the day hit me harder than I had planned. I officially finished my last assignment as an undergrad. After I turned in the paper, although I felt relieved, I felt incredibly sad that I wouldn’t be joining my friends in class in the J-Dept. Monday morning. I wouldn’t be going back to spend the day with my second family on the fourth floor of Davis Hall.

Not only that, but it was also my last day as a student-worker in the university Communications Office. Up until April, I had never had a job that I truly enjoyed, and yesterday it came to an end.

Today I drove back to my hometown, a five-hour ride full of nothing but fields and a brief look at Beaver Stadium. I’m still stressed out about being jobless, and I know it’ll be weird not going to class next week, but that five hours gave me time to realize exactly how awesome it is to be starting the next chapter of my life.

Being broke in an apartment with terrifying neighbors is just a slight roadblock.


PS- the title of this post is completely irrelevant. I just felt like quoting my girl Carly Rae J.


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