Loveless Signature

Once upon a time, two bored teenagers wrote a song. This song later came to be named “Cherish,” and was deemed to be the song that we wrote in honor of our high-school graduating class.  And by we I mean myself and my friend Kayshia.

P1010377“Memories from all these years follow us through everythingwe part our ways and say goodbye, but I don’t want to go”

Our senior year, we wrote a lot of songs. We started calling ourselves “Loveless Signature” and played a few acoustic shows as well as a few with a full band.

Our freshman year in college, we tried our hardest to make Loveless Signature work. We played a pretty big show in Stroudsburg

P1010368It was fun to have a dream. We wanted to be famous. Unfortunately, college got in the way. Kayshia and I went to schools on opposite sides of Pennsylvania, and Loveless Signature faded away., and our fan club followed.

Years later, I still like to go back and watch the silly YouTube videos we recorded, listen to our first EP, “Gym Sessions,” and wonder what it would be like if we hadn’t been in school so far away from each other.

I also think of how much our music would have matured by now…now that we’ve experienced real things. Things other than high school break-ups and small-town blues.

Up until this point, a song I wrote for Kayshia our senior year, “Kay’s Song,” continues to be one of the most meaningful songs I’ve ever written. The meaning of the song, in fact, just gets stronger and stronger as Kaysh surprises me again every time we talk with a new aspiration of hers.



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