Laundromat Blues

Laundromats are the plague of the universe. Laundry machines should come standard in every apartment


I’ve spent the last month trying to figure out what laundromat I’m going to associate myself with. It’s a big decision, obviously, just like what pizza place you’re going to order from. I’m being sarcastic, as usual.

Up until this point I’ve been going to a small, overpriced one down the street from me. The only time another human being was there with me, he had a house-arrest thing on his ankle.

Today, I’m at this one a bit farther from my place because it has free WiFi–definitely a perk. But the dryers only take 25 cents for six minutes at a time. That doesn’t even make sense.

It comes equipped with a snack machine, which is bad news bears. The attendant was definitely judging me while I scarfed down a bag of fritos.

A friend has now informed me that there is a laundromat next to one of my favorite coffee shops. How did I not notice that? Next time I’ll definitely be heading there and enjoying the peacefulness of the Commonplace while I’m waiting.

This awesome laundry experience has been brought to you by Pure Boredom & Co.


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