Puppies and wine. Because, why not?

There are few things more relaxing than a night in alone. At least for me. This could be why I never lived with roomates very well.

After a long week, I really don’t have any desire to go out until two in the morning. And the perfect way to wind down is with a glass of wine and a movie out of the RedBox.

Or two, in tonight’s case. “House at the End of the Street” and “Liberal Arts.” Two movies that I’m not sure I have any desire to see, but looked better than anything else in the Box.

On another note, I had every intention this morning of having a completely interesting thrift-find-turned-awesome DIY post for this evening…but when I went thrifting today I managed to find ziltch. You are now left with this post about wine and movies.

Also, I created a fantastic playlist on Spotify today with the perfect mix of 90s, 00s and today’s music. Listen to it here: Heart Skips a Beat.

Have a cute puppy to brighten your day,



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