Why I love Pittsburgh, and why I need to live there

Every trip to Pittsburgh has the same effect on me.

I drive around the giant corner after driving through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel on 376. Downtown Pittsburgh emerges from around the corner and I say the same thing to whoever my passenger is, every time: “I love this city.”

And it’s true. I didn’t know it was possible to love a place so much.

pittsburghI love that my friends are there.

I love that there’s always something to do.

I love the places that I can finally deem my favorite places to hang out, like The Library and Bicycle Cafe on the Southside.

I love walking down the street and seeing someone that I know, even in such a big place.

I love the atmosphere, the friendliness of the people there.

…I can’t even continue this list because it’ll go on for days.


So this is my vow to live there. To start over in a place that I know I absolutely love. I can’t be a small town girl for the rest of my life.




2 thoughts on “Why I love Pittsburgh, and why I need to live there

  1. Jess Brown says:

    I wrote a blog like this, saying I would live there. This August, I will have lived there for two years šŸ™‚

  2. nades3 says:

    Yay!! Move to Pittsburgh! It is a WONDERFUL place to live. I moved here 7 years ago and thought I would end up back in Boston first chance I got. I’m still here and happily settled down and staying..

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