Happiness is…


…a walk on a sunny day, listening to your favorite song.
…a cup of coffee and sweats after a long day at work.
…catching up with an old friend.
…accomplishing something that you didn’t even know you could.
…that cute pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing-up going on sale.
…not sweating the small stuff.
…being okay with your life.
…a candle-lit bubble bath while listening to Michael Buble.
…a scoop of ice cream for the first time of the season.
…having friends that have your back, no matter how crazy you get.
…being the only one in the pool at the gym.
…finishing a to-do list.
…hiking in the middle of nowhere.
…relaxing on a rainy day.

The point is, happiness depends on you. You make it. Life’s too short to worry about things that can’t be changed.



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