Settling For Less: Don’t Do It

If there’s one life lesson I’ve learned along that way it’s this: Never settle for less than you deserve. Never.

This covers all sorts of situations.

Situation #1 — Working at a place that you don’t enjoy.

First of all, as a disclosure, I am not referring to my job when I say this. I love my job. But I know many people whose jobs make them miserable, their bosses are jerks, the don’t make enough for what they do, and they aren’t even working in their field.

Fix it. Find a job that you love.

Situation #2 — Dating someone you don’t really want to be with.

Don’t date someone just because you don’t want to be alone. Don’t try to make a bad thing work. This time I am referring to myself, and after a five-hour drive by myself with nothing to do but contemplate life today, I’ve realized that I deserve a kick-ass man, because I’m a kick-ass woman. Pow.


This is one of those inspirational things that can apply to almost anything: Your apartment, your car, your friends, your refrigerator  whatever. The point is, get rid of the things in your life that are ruining it. 



2 thoughts on “Settling For Less: Don’t Do It

  1. Annie Banannie says:

    I love this post, Ellen. You have a wisdom beyond your years and you are so RIGHT–we should never ever ever settle for less than what we deserve.
    I especially like your quote, “I’ve realized that I deserve a kick-ass man, because I’m a kick-ass woman. Pow.” I have been going on a lot of crappy dates lately and this will be my new dating mantra! xx

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