Don’t let them fool you…

…real life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m speaking mainly to college students when I say this: embrace every second that you’re in school. Life is so much easier.

What they really should have in college is a class called “life.” In which you learn how to properly manage money, time and be a functioning member of society without staring at your stack of mail in bewilderment every day after work.

How I feel when I look at bills.

Real life is just a big complicated mess of bills, trying to get your rent in on time, and eating celery because you can’t afford anything else.

After sorting through my bills today, I realized that after I pay my bills and rent, I have 132 dollars to last me the next four weeks. Looks like my next grocery trip is to Aldi, and I am refraining from any form of social life. And biking everywhere because gas is too expensive, too. In the snow.

Yes, I’m probably coming off as a little whiny right now, but I am whiny, and I want to go sleep until my paycheck on April 17. But that wouldn’t work too well, would it.

Time to start the search for job number two.

End rant.




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