On being “stuck.”

“The best way to get unstuck is to kick yourself in the ass.” Pardon me while I use two quotes in a row, but they work well together. The second one is from Drop Dead Diva, by the way, and just happened to be said as I started typing this post.

I’m going to pretend like you’re not judging me for watching Drop Dead Diva.

Stuck. What does this word mean? By definition, it means “to remain attached by adhesion” or “to remain persistently or permanently.” From experience, it means, “to continue to do something even though you know you shouldn’t”

Why do we do that? Get “stuck?”

Why do we consistently indulge in things, physically and behaviorally, that we know we shouldn’t do? What’s worse–indulging in the things that, not only you know that you shouldn’t do, but actually hurt you to do.

We end up doing irrational things for temporary relief that end up making us feel guilty in the end: sending an angry text, eating the whole pint of ice cream, taking our problems out on the people closest to us.

And then, how do we get “unstuck?”

As stated in Drop Dead Diva, sometimes you just have to kick yourself in the ass. So do it.

Instead of getting stuck on something that can’t be changed, do something that makes you happy or makes you feel good. Go for a run, grab a drink with your friends, read a book or walk your dog. Whatever you do, don’t continue to indulge in those things that make you feel terrible.

Do rational things, that provide permanent relief–that allow you to not be stuck, but to be free.



2 thoughts on “On being “stuck.”

  1. Annie Banannie says:

    I totally agree–I have been terrible lately about allowing myself to gain back some of the weight I have worked so hard to lose. I acknowledge the weight gain and I am the only one to take responsibility for it. I will not beat myself up over it. Rather, I will use the negative and use it as motivation to go back towards the positive momentum! ❤

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