Miles Don’t Mean Anything: On Long-Distance Relationships

The blog Thought Catalog is really good at what it does: it provokes thought. And one of their posts today, Long-Distance Relationships Mean Getting to  Always Say Hello, got me thinking.

Maybe some people are better off having long-distance relationships.

I’ve been in two long distance relationships. One that was a total joke, and one that was actually pretty decent.

The two relationships ended because of one common factor, though: the distance. 

To them, having a girlfriend five or six hours away was too much too handle. “What’s the point in dating someone you aren’t able to see?” was one comment I remember.

But the writer of the Thought Catalog post shares the same belief that I do: when you don’t get to see someone all the time, the moments that you do see them are more special.

Rather than focus on the fact that you’re far away from each other, think of how much fun it is when you do get to see each other. If you care about someone enough, you make it work.

And listen to “Miles Don’t Mean Anything” by Eye Alaska, just because. Or listen to this version that I just recorded, that sounds terribly bad without my ex-bandmate Kayshia. And don’t pick on me, please.


9 thoughts on “Miles Don’t Mean Anything: On Long-Distance Relationships

  1. Ness says:

    The unfortunate thing about long distance relationships is that they’re not going to work out if they remain that way too long – at some point they need to change into ‘I’m right here’ relationships. Of course what’s too long/acceptable is different for different people. I moved to another country to be with my LDR guy after 2 and half years, some people think that is crazy but I think that was the limit for me! Nice song 🙂

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