I’m not like most girls…

…at least not like most girls my age. I’m actually a 50 year old woman in a 21 year old’s body.

My definition of fun on a Friday, particularly this one, consists of going to see ethnic musical performances at the local theater rather than going out to a bar.

This evening I saw Wisaal perform, an Arabic-influenced band. Their performance was brilliant and mesmerizing, and I can’t think of a better way that I would have spent my evening.

The thing is, I would rather do things like this any day rather than things that most people my age would do. I’d rather be at a concert, trying out a new restaurant, reading a book, or working on my latest craft project on the weekend than be wasting my money on over-priced drinks at a college town bar.

Sure, going out is fun every once and a while, but at what point did it become a rule that when you turn 21 you have to spend every free night at a bar? It seems like that’s all that the people I know ever want to do. What happened to the things we used to do before then? Personally, I loved the nights that we hung around and watched movies, went bowling or played board games.

Just a thought.



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