Memorial Day Weekend

The day isn’t even close to being over yet, but I think I’ve had my fun for the weekend. I had two days off in a row and got to spend some time with friends I haven’t hung out with in a while.

Sunday I declared, mix n’ match beer day, because I never know what I like when I go out.IMG_20130526_185621 Now, as a disclaimer, I’m not all about talking about drinking on the interwebz, but I’m of age, and drink responsibly. I think if I could travel the country trying new beers from microbreweries and blogging about them, I would.

My favorite was a Sweaty Betty, from a microbrewery in Boulder, Colo. I still have bottles from my mix n’ match pack that I haven’t tried yet, though, so that could change.

Today I made some bleu cheese-stuffed burgers and my friends and I cooked them on the grill at a local park. They may IMG_20130527_130724have been the most delicious food I’ve ever created.

It’s nice to have some time to relax, and just do what you want to do with your day. I have every intention of spending the rest of my day going for a run and watching Grey’s Anatomy before getting back to work tomorrow.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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