Stories worth sharing

In my (almost) nine months at the Gazette (wow, that went by fast), I’ve been able to interview some really awesome people. People that have inspired me, have put things in perspective for me, and most importantly, have made me love my job.

Here are a few I think have been particularly great to write:

1. My absolute all-time favorite: Cancer survivor finds solace in yard work
There’s a chance that Bev Painter is the most inspiring individual I’ve ever met. This woman took up a hobby when she found out she had cancer, and completely contributes her cancer going away to this hobby: yard work. And not just any yard work, she spends hours every week cutting the edge of the yard with a pair of scissors to make it perfect.

2. They say you never forget your first published story. Well, I haven’t. I loved writing about this cute kid, and his story makes the list because he’s where my career started: Amusement park reporter has local ties

3. Though this wasn’t the best story I’ve ever written, I loved writing it because I met a wonderful person in the process: Winery to host local authors. After writing this, the winery’s owner, Cay Enerson, made sure that I came out to visit. My friend Lauren and I had a great time touring the grounds and sampling the wines.

4. I love writing stories specifically about people. When I had the chance to do a Q&A session with a local cancer survivor, I made another new friend within the community. Here it is: Indiana cancer survivor serving as ‘face for the race’ fundraiser

5. Most recently, I interviewed a cute kid in Indiana who’s got his life all figured out–in fact he has bigger plans than most people my age have– and he’s only five years old. Fun stories like these brighten my day: Aspiring worker already on job

Hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!


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