Meet Murphy

So my life changed a little bit with the coming of the new year.

Okay, my life changed a lot, actually.

Long story short, I made some drastic changes in my life, that were for the better, and I feel like a 10 times more relaxed and happier person because I made them.

Oh, and I got a dog.

I’ve always been a dog person — it runs in the family, much to my parents’ dismay. There’s just something about having a dog that can brighten up your life a little bit.


I went to Four Footed Friends, a local animal shelter, a little over a week ago, with no intentions of bringing home any animals. Then I met Titan.

Titan, a black lab/setter mix, had been removed from his previous home — an abusive situation that left him distrusting of humans, skittish and overall just a little freaked out about life.

When he came out in to the lobby of the shelter, it was love at first sight. Titan came over to me, laid on the couch and rested his head on my lap — a gesture that had all of the shelter workers stunned. Apparently, he hasn’t reacted well to families that have come to check him out.

Next I knew, I was texting my landlord to see if it was OK to get a dog and filling out an application.

When the shelter called a few days later to say that my application had been approved, I was there to pick him up within an hour I was so excited.

Now, a week after bringing him home, I feel like I’ve owned this dog my whole life. He’s already completely loyal, and follows my every move. He already knows and responds to his new name, Murphy, and is even getting along with my cat, Greiz, who’s notorious for being a dog bully.

We’ve spent the past few days playing, taking long walks and pretty much just having fun.

A good decision, I’d say.


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