Hiking Indiana County (and beyond)

Indiana County and the surrounding areas are filled with trails — Indiana County alone with 46 miles of beautiful paths that connect many of the towns within it.

The trails pass through not only scenic, but historic areas within the county. These include Eliza Furnace in Vintondale as well as historic communities along the way.

In the coming months, I’ll be hiking all of the trails that the county has to offer, and be sharing my journey IMG_20140324_144811with you. Of course, my favorite hiking buddy, Murphy, will be joining me.

Distances are all listed one-way. So, I’ll have to go back, too.

Week One: Blairsville Riverfront Trail, 1.7 miles

Week Two: Hoodlebug Trail, part one, approximately 5 miles (IUP entrance to Homer City)

Week Three: West Penn Trail, 6.5 miles (Tunnelview historical site to Saltsburg)

Week Four: Hoodlebug Trail, part two, approximately 5 miles (Floodway Park to Black Lick)

Week Five: West Penn Trail, 4 miles (Saltsburg to Avonmore)

Week Six: Blue Spruce Park trail, unknown distance

Week Seven: Buttermilk Falls, unknown distance

Week Eight: Buena Vista Furnace, Ghost Town Trail, 3 miles

Week Nine: Old Smicksburg Park, unknown distance

Heading out of the county …

Week 10: Roaring Run and Apollo Kiski Riverfront

Disclaimer, just because they’re listed by week, doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be doing them every week. Life happens, as you’re aware, and some weeks it just won’t be possible.

But, for the weeks that I do end up exploring Indiana County and beyond, you can look for updates here.


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