Forgive, but don’t forget

“Forgive and forget.” It’s often advice given to us by our family, our friends or our peers.

It’s important to forgive, but why forget?

The people in our lives that truly teach us the act of forgiveness usually are the ones that have hurt us the most. The ones who have broken our trust, broken our hearts or left us feeling down. It is those people that teach us important lessons in our lives.

Forgiveness is hard. It can take weeks, months and in some cases even years to accomplish. But, forgiveness is not possible without realizing the significance of the lesson that comes with it.

Forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean letting them back in to your life. It means moving on from your past with them. Not letting them get in the way of your future.

It’s human nature to hold a grudge. We’re all guilty of it, whether we’d like to admit it or not. It’s when we learn to accept what has been done and move forward that we can finally be OK with our past, and embrace what lies ahead.




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