Spreading Cheer: Lonely Bouquet Day

Today is International Lonely Bouquet Day. That means, today, you should just consider spreading some cheer through a simple task: Leaving a bouquet of flowers somewhere randomly for another person to find.

I heard about the day of cheer through a call at work, a woman locally was participating and wanted to let us know about the day’s international recognition. I ended up writing this story about it.IMG_20140627_134156

The community soon caught the feel-good vibe that the holiday intends to spread, and more than 60 people vowed to participate in Indiana County alone.

And although I’m psyched that people will go out of their way today to put a smile on others’ faces, I hope that this day shows people how good it feels to give back, and to continue acts of kindness such as this throughout the entire year.

Today, here’s what you need to do:

1. Gather some flowers from your backyard, the florist ..  wherever.
2. Arrange them nicely.
3. Stick a “take me!” tag on the bouquet, with instructions to visit LonelyBouquet.com to register it.
4. Leave the bouquet somewhere in your community for another person to find.

If you find a bouquet today, register it on the site and add to the interactive map of the thousands worldwide that have already found them, too.


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