Rise and Shine: It’s Monday

It’s Monday. The most dreaded day of the week.

For me, actually, it’s my favorite day of the week. Now, this week, I can’t say anything, because this happens to be my day off this week–but I really think that Monday gets a bad rep.

Start loving Mondays:

1. A Fresh Start

Maybe you ended last week on a bad note. Maybe your weekend plans fell through. Guess what? You get to start everything from scratch today!tumblr_na4fakwk181qgxmqno1_1280

2. Rejuvenation

While waking up on a Monday morning is admittedly difficult, once you’re up and have your first cup of coffee, you should feel pretty refreshed. After all, you did have Sunday to sleep in and relax (hopefully).

3. Post-Weekend Happiness

On a Monday, it seems like the world around you is smiling — and that’s because the people around you are usually smiling. They’ve spent their weekends with their families and friends, and shouldn’t have anything to complain about today (yet).

4. Planning Ahead

Use Monday as the day to schedule the week’s activities, meetings and make a to-do list. When it’s Friday and you’re trying to remember that important thing you forgot to do, you’ll be glad you did.

5. Tackling Tasks

While you’re writing down that to-do list, prioritize them. Monday is a great day to get the hardest items on your to-do list accomplished — Friday will be a breeze!



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