Favorite WordPress bloggers’ hiking photos

Using WordPress, I often find myself searching endlessly through tags like “hiking,” “outdoors” and “nature.” Scrolling through and reading others’ adventures is just one of the ways I’m using to plan (hopefully) trips I’ll be able to take myself some day.

There are many incredible photographers and adventurers on WordPress, and today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite photos, and potentially places to visit:

1. High Falls, Dupont State Forest, North Carolina.

WordPress user Transylvania Bounty blogged a photo today of a beautiful waterfall at the state park. See it here. 

2. Lake Josephine, Montana

Montana, The Last Best Place, with the tagline “our adventures through Montana and the surrounding areas,” posts some pretty great photos. This one they posted today makes Montana a must-see on my list:


3. This photo of a sunset at Lake O’Hara, in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, is stunning:


The photo was blogged by user The Daily Pic(k)ture, and the blog has other incredible photos as well. 

Social media has definitely intensified my wanderlust, and I hope that some day I’m able to see some of these places in person.



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