Hiking to Healthy

Being healthy and active is not something that comes easy to me. We’ll blame genetics for that one. But, there’s something about hiking that makes me feel like I’m not exercising, and therefore, makes me feel pretty great at the end of the day.

For this reason, I’m calling my journey to becoming fit “Hiking to Healthy.”20140810_194203

I think there are a few things I like about hiking.

There’s always a destination. While some people love going to the gym, others find it to be incredibly boring. More often than not, I’ll start a work out on the elliptical or treadmill and ditch early because I’m no longer interested.

When you’re hiking, there’s always an endpoint. It’d be silly to turn around or try to cut through the woods to end it early.

There’s always something beautiful to look at. Even if you do the same trail three times in one week, you’re bound to see something beautiful that you didn’t see the trek before — like a new animal or a pretty sunset.

IMG_20140810_201120It burns calories. Using RunKeeper to track all of my recent hikes, it’s obvious that I’m burning a lot more calories while hiking than I would at the gym. The terrain is usually rough and incline usually steep — you can’t get that on a machine. By using RunKeeper, I also get to track my personal bests.

It’s fun with friends. While Murphy will always be my favorite hiking buddy, it’s fun to have friends tag along for company and encouragement on hikes. Big groups can hike together, too — the more the merrier!

Look for my #hikingtohealthy updates on Instagram and Twitter, and feel to join me in the hashtag use.

Here are some photos from some of my recent hikes:


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