Self Improvement and Growth #TEG30Day Challenge

One of my favorite websites, this month The Every Girl is challenging women to take a self improvement and growth challenge.

Though I’m starting a few days late, I definitely think the #TEG30DayChallenge is something that I could really use right now.

Here’s my 30 Day Challenge vow:

Over the next 30 days, I will organize my surroundings in an attempt to feel less anxiety. Clutter bothers me, and it’s starting to build up — around my house, around my work space in the office. 

I’ll spend the next 30 days organizing everything, from my kitchen to my basement, to my desk drawers at work. 

By the end of the challenge, I think all of this organization could have a big effect on my life:

1. With a decluttered kitchen, I might be more willing to cook for myself, therefore eating making myself eat healthier

2. When laundry is put in its place, whether it be upstairs or in the basement with the machines, organizing my clothes will make it easier to find outfits in the morning. And who knows, maybe I’ll find something I forgot I had. 

3. At work, getting rid of the clutter around me can help make me more productive.

Who else is participating in the #TE30DayChallenge? What are your goals?


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