Part 2: Self Improvement and Growth #TEG30DayChallenge

It’s been almost a week since I vowed to participate in The Every Girl’s Self Improvement and Growth #TEG30DayChallenge.

Some of the things I’ve done this week have surprised me. I took control of my life this week, deciding that I needed a makeover, needed to do some major organizing and definitely needed some “me” time.

1. The Makeover

I used to have a hair dye addiction. Hair dye became a way for me to cope with whatever was bugging me. Even if I was having a bad day twice in one month, out came a box of dye with some drastic color change. It’s like a color change meant that my whole life would change. IMG_20140904_120207_1

A little over two years ago, I decided that the addiction was out of control, chopped all my hair off and started from scratch. My hair has been my natural color ever since.

But it is no more. It was time for a change, and I can still say now that hair dye really does just make me feel better. I got a great new cut with bangs for fall, and a pretty new auburn color to go with it.

2. Organization

When I posted about the #TE30DayChallenge last week, I soon made a list of everything in my house that needed to be reorganized. I tackled two major projects on that list this week: The kitchen and the office.

My kitchen needed major work. There was food in the freezer that I’d never eat, a tupperware shelf that tumbled down when the cabinet door opened, and no sense of organization for most items.

Every single shelf was cleaned and reordered. I threw everything out of the fridge and freezer that wouldn’t ever be used. I scrubbed down the floors, the oven and the microwave.

It felt fantastic.

This week I’m tackling clothes — reorganizing the closets and laundry room.

3. Me time.

20140904_150938_1I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — everybody needs some time to do nothing.

The end of August became one of the more stressful months I’ve ever had, and the beginning of September didn’t get much better. I was getting worn out, wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t getting enough fresh air or exercise. I made sure that changed this week.

I took time out. I binge-watched Criminal Minds on Netflix. I made sure to walk the dog every day, if not twice a day. I went out to my favorite state park to hike. And, I spent a lot of time with my BFF, Murphy, who was getting pretty sick of me working all hours of the day.

To top it off, I spent the day at my friend Lauren’s house today doing absolutely nothing but playing with her new puppy, and I’ve got the next two days off as well.

What did you do this week for self-improvement?


One thought on “Part 2: Self Improvement and Growth #TEG30DayChallenge

  1. becauseheishappy says:

    Great post! I’m glad your keeping a balanced lifestyle in mind. This week, I started my own blog:

    I’m going to be publishing ‘happy’ and (hopefully) inspiring posts, every day, for the next year.


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