Coolest U.S. Rail Trails: Ghost Town Trail

I’ve recently been using the Roadtrippers app, discovering new places and creating a bucket list of places I’d like to see in my lifetime. While exploring the site, I stumbled upon one of Indiana County’s own trails featured in a blog post.

Roadtrippers blogger Anna Hilder featured the Ghost Town Trail as part of a post about the coolest rail trails in the United States.

Though most of the trails featured on the blog were in the West, the West isn’t the only place to find ghost towns, Hilder wrote.

“As the towns slowly faded from memory, the rail line was abandoned. Even though little remains of the ghost towns, the track has found a second life as a recreational trail.”

According to the Ghost Town Trail’s website, the trail totals 36 miles within the county and in Cambria County. Numerous mining towns once existed along the railroad corridor.

“Wehrum, the largest of the former towns, once had 230 houses, a hotel, company store, jail, and bank. Warren Delano, uncle of President Franklin Roosevelt, developed the town,” the site says.

You better believe I’m checking out this trail this week.


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