Red Sox fans in PNC Park

There are a million reasons why I love Pittsburgh:

IMG_20140916_175942I love the view when you go around the corner on your way in to the city from 376 — coming around a huge bend in the road and just being faced by the skyline on the other side.

It’s an amazing city. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and it’s about ten times more beautiful every time I visit.

But most of all, it’s the people.20140916_213814_1

While driving in to the city with a friend on Tuesday for the Pirates’ game against the Red Sox, we realized something: This would be the first time that’d we’d be “the outsiders” in Pittsburgh, representing the away team when, most days out of the year, we’re Pittsburgh sports fans on the side.

Decked out in our Sox shirts and hats, we knew we’d catch a few weird glances. But what we found, at the stadium, is that being a fan of the opposite team is really just a good conversation starter, at least in Pittsburgh.

We sat in a completely different section than we normally do (which may not have been the best choice because the city view wasn’t in the background), and ended up with a bunch of season-ticket holders that were stopping by after work; making an appearance with their kids or just there to grab a beer. We chit chatted with the guys around us and for a while, I even forgot that I was there as a Sox fan (yes, I did clap for a couple of Bucs plays).

The point is (unless you’re a Philly-sports fan), that the city of Pittsburgh is just, in general, a really accepting and welcoming place. You never feel like you’re going to take any crap from anyone or feel uncomfortable walking down the street.

You go, Pittsburgh.



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