MIA: What I’ve been up to

Time for blogging, reading and relaxing is hard to come by these days. Don’t get me wrong — I thrive on having an exciting schedule — but a girl just needs some time to write for herself once and a while, right?

November has flown by (I know, it’s not over yet). It seems like just a few days ago the leaves were starting to change to their bright colors and now they’ve fallen and snow is covering the ground. As I write this, I’m curled up on the couch with the pup, comfy clothes and slippers and a gigantic, soft blanket — hiding from the freezing temps.

I’ve been doing some pretty cool things lately, though, and feel like sharing:

1. Building the new RecreationNews.com. It’s a project I’m really excited my company gave me the opportunity to work on, and I’m really happy with the results as well.

2. Speaking at some really cool events, like a high school journalism workshop and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Young Alumni Networking Dinner.  IMG_20141109_200249

3. Running. Weird, right? Actually, at the beginning of this month I joined Weight Watchers in hopes that it would help motivate me to change my lifestyle a little bit. So far, I’m not doing well with the food portion of it, but I stay pretty active (as I always have). Something about running in the cold weather really gets my adrenaline going.

4. Decorating. One rainy afternoon I was sitting in my living room thinking “A grown up does not live here.” So, I started turning my adorable little house in to a home.

5. Enjoying what little daylight is left after work. This shortened-day thing is for the birds. After work, I’m usually rushing now to get to the dog park or to the woods for some exercise for Murphy.

I’m hoping the rest of this month and December bring some new adventures my way.

A sunny hike on a 30-degree day in November.

A sunny hike on a 30-degree day in November.


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