2015’s list of non-resolutions

I don’t like resolutions. Mainly because it seems that I’m perpetually not following through with resolutions.

Instead, this year, I’m making a to-do list. I get to-do lists done. I put them on my desk. I put them on my Google Calendar. I put them on post-it notes and scrap paper and on the sides of papers that I probably shouldn’t write on.

A to-do list just makes goals seem more obtainable.

So, here it is — my 2015 to-do list:

1. Communicate better.

I’ve always been an advocate of communication, and I’m constantly communicating about communicating better (yes, really). However, in the past few months, I let myself get to a point where I no longer practiced what I preach. list-372766_1280

2. Stop drinking soda.

Somewhere along the line (in the past three months) I went from drinking a glass of regular soda every once and a while — probably three times a month — to drinking diet soda EVERY day. That’s not a wise choice, now, is it?

3. De-clutter.

Simplicity is good. I want to get rid of the — for lack of better term — crap I don’t need anymore.

4. Stop complaining.

It’s toxic. Really. Especially in the workplace.

5. Be more appreciative.

My life is filled with wonderful people who often do wonderful things for me. This year, I will show them that.


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