Photo apps I love

I’ll always be a wannabe photographer.

I’ve got the means to be a good photographer — the equipment, willing subjects, and even a little free time on occasion. But I’ll never have the patience to learn how to edit photographs properly.

That’s where my two favorite photo apps come in.

PS — I’m an Android girl. I think both of these apps are available on iOS, but not completely sure.

1. Snapseed

A quick & easy photo editor, Snapseed makes it possible to adjust lighting and colors with two fingers.

Plus, it has an awesome HDR filter that makes creating high-quality HDR images super easy.

Here’s an example of a photo edited with Snapseed:


2. A Beautiful Mess

I downloaded a lot of collage apps before I really landed on one I liked. Created by the ladies behind one of my favorite sites, this ended up being a perfect fit for quirky photo edits (mainly to share on Instagram).

It also lets you add text in fun fonts and other artsy elements.

Here’s an example of a collage created using A Beautiful Mess:


These apps make it easy to be an almost-photographer, and they come in handy for editing photos from outdoor adventures that you only want to carry your phone for!


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